boy magia tatuado do dia #11

Bom dia para todos!

Quem me mandou esta lindeza foi a @alicescatsmile

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7 Responses

    • India

      let there be light gave you the idea to do almost a 100% similar piece. Wow! I ought to hit up church more and increase my faith cause that there is some devil breath and some weird powers at woskE.EEEEkr! Perhaps though, the creator of the bible saw into the future and loved Dave’s render so much that it inspired the verse. Bible author please come forth and give Dave a high five!Now lets talk 5 second projects here, they seem to be in the dark. Ahem . . . let there be light on this matter Nick!

    • finanzierungsrechner immobilien

      Thanks to all volunteers. You make the place rock! The kids come because you demonstrate God’s love and show the kids it is okay to enjoy your faith through laughter and being a bit crazy. It opens their hearts to hear God’s word when students feel adults/teens care enough to make it kid friendly.

  1. Cynthia Cristina

    kkk. Assim não tem como não começar bem o dia! Ótimo começo de dia mesmo Brisa! Aonde acho um tbm! kkk


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